Help School & Special Student Groups

IMG 2062We assist participating schools to improve study facilities, such as replacing used tables and chairs, adding library and library books, getting basic computer equipments.

The following is the operation procedure to obtain a funding:

  1. Draw up a proposal: A field-volunteer reports the need of such project and provides a budget.
  2. Discuss and make a resolution and notify the field-volunteer the outcome.
  3. Open a special project account if approved and start a fund-raising campaign.
  4. The field-volunteer shall keep all the expenditure receipts and present a photo of the finished project.

Chapanzhou Town Central Elementary School (Year 2022)


arrow right xxl春晚募捐项目介绍 & 茶盘洲镇中心小学捐赠教学设备反馈



Taishan Yaozu Village Elementary School (Year 2021)


arrow right xxl春晚募捐项目介绍 & 项目新闻稿件:“星火”传递爱心 热心助学暖童心 



Zhangjiasai Village Elementary School (Year 2020)

zjs1             zjs2

arrow right xxl春晚募捐项目介绍 & 张家塞乡中心小学捐赠教学设备的更新反馈 


Zhangji Elementary School (Year 2019)

zhangji elementary school v2.jpg             2019-益阳日报报道-东山小学22.png

arrow right xxl春晚募捐项目介绍 & 张集小学教育用品增添及更新反馈 & 东山小学募捐活动反馈


Zhangjiasai Village Elementary School (Year 2018)

2018-图片2.jpg      2018-图片1.png

 arrow right xxl张家塞乡中心小学教学设备捐赠项目介绍 & 感谢信


MinLe Elementary School Project (Year 2017)


图书整理前 2图书整理中 2图书整理前1图书整理中 1

arrow right xxl2017年春晚募捐项目 - 甘肃省民乐县屯粮村教学点建设图书室的情况说明


Grow-together Project (2015) - 1

Grow-together Project (2015) - 2

Grow-together Project (2015) - 3

MaLu Elementary School Project (Year 2014)