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We are a charitable organization with 501(c)(3) tax status. If you are willing to help to change a student's life, please join our volunteer team at help@sparkfoundation.us.


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Student Support & Growth

One to one Student Project - We help needy students pay tuition to attend school from elementary school through high school. In special cases, we also assist with living expenditure.

Summer Camp


School Improvement

School Facility Project - We assist participating schools to improve study facilities, such as replacing used tables and chairs, adding library and library books, getting basic computer equipment.

Ways To Donate


We welcome corporate donations too.

Your donation is tax deductible. It will be fully used in programs to support the study of needy students and to improve school studying and teaching facilities. Many of the Chinese schools are very poor, with students still studying in dark, shaky, and dangerous classrooms, compared to the modern facilities we take for granted every day. You can reach us at help@sparkfoundation.us or send your donation to:

Spark Foundation
PO Box 720201
San Diego, CA 92172-0201

2Dear friend,

No matter for what reason or how you come to this page, you come to a hope-land that helps aspiring students finish their studies if their family cannot afford it. We are a big family, we are volunteers. All people supporting the students are common people, old generation with gray and white hair, mid-aged hard-working professionals, 1young kids or students passionate to help. Their help have changed many peoples' lives.

YOU can help too. You can JOIN us as a volunteer, or be a SPONSOR of students. The support goes to the students' school tuition. Check the PROJECT PAGE (e.g., One-on-One student project, School Facility Project) for further details.